Objectives and results

Our objectives

The main objective of this proposal is to reduce the concentration of nitrates in the integral water cycle, implementing an integrated, innovative, simple, economical, sustainable and transferable system, based on the use of an adsorption bed manufactured with Active silica from the ash produced by the controlled burning of rice straw.


Validate a project to obtain active silica from the controlled incineration of rice straw to obtain silica-rich ash.


Validate a prototype for the preparation and implementation of active silica beds to reduce the concentration of nitrates in the water cycle by acting:
1. On the headwater (from groundwater) and rejection in an osmosis plant.
2. On well water for human consumption in small municipalities to reduce the nitrate concentration below 50 ppm, without the use of an osmosis plant.


a comprehensive system of awareness among farmers to promote the use of fertilizers with low environmental impact.

Incardinate ...

the project in the general policies of the EU and promote a plan of political intervention that promotes specific lines of financing in the Operational Programs

assess ...

the impact of the project in environmental, social and economic terms.

boost ...

the sustainability, replicability, transferability and transnationality of the proposed strategies and innovations in the EU as a whole.

Spread and publicize ...

the results obtained for users, clients, territorial agents and society in general.