On the occasion of the closing of the European project and under the title “Project LIFE LIBERNITRATE: Water and nitrates, proposals and political and social actions of the present and future” the Final Day of the project will take place next Wednesday, September 29, 2021 at the Museum Center The Valencia Provincial Council Benefit.

The event aims, on the one hand, to make visible the problem of nitrate concentration in the water cycle and present the results achieved by the project in its implementation phase and, on the other, and through different discussion tables at a technical and political level. and social know the different actions and / or proposals that can be implemented from the different levels of government, local, provincial, regional and European for their resolution.

About LIFE Libernitrate

The LIFE LIBERNITRATE project, in which the Valencia Provincial Council participates, has as its main objective the reduction of the concentration of nitrates in the integral water cycle, implementing a sustainable and innovative system based on the use of active silica filters from ash produced by the controlled combustion of rice straw.

Check here the program of the closing day.