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Life Libernitrate

We use rice straw to reduce the concentration of nitrates in the water cycle


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About the project

LIFE LIBERNITRATE is a 3-year program in the context of the LIFE funding program, its objective is to reduce the concentration of nitrates in the water cycle. The main method is incineration of rice straw.

You can consult and download, documentation elaborated in the process of implementation of the expected objectives, as well as final documentation of the objectives achieved in the LIFE LIBERNITRATE project:

Project Objectives

The main objective of this proposal is to reduce the concentration of nitrates in the integral water cycle, implementing an integrated, innovative, simple, economical, sustainable and transferable system, based on the use of an adsorption bed made with active silica of the ashes produced by the controlled burning of rice straw.

Technological Surveillance

LIFE LIBERNITRATE Project for the responsible reduction of nitrates in the comprehensive water cycle (LIFE16 ENV/ES/000419) has a set of basis focused on the technological surveillance in terms of planning, resources and the valorization of the system, all of these aspects are defined within the frame of the project action plan. This action is intended to determine, gather, analyze and disseminate the information related to goods, services, customers, competitors, as well as other relevant information that contributes to develop the main strategy to be applied in the Consortium decision-making.



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